Here is some important information that you might need for planning your adventure to the Playwork Campference 2017.

Location: Val Verde
Address: 28710 Madison Way, Val Verde, CA 91384 (nearest building to site). Check out the marvellous map here!
Distance from LAX: 50 miles / 80km / about an hour’s drive

Temperatures: Highs of around 66°F (18° C) and lows around 37°F (2.7°C)
Site information: The main Campference space will be mostly grassy, natural space, with plenty of trees and plants around. There are houses nearby so we will have to keep noise down in the evening but will mean that we will have access to electricity when needed. We will also be using a Satellite space which will be in nearby Val Verde Park (at 30300 Arlington Street) and will be about 10 minutes walk from the main site. Both sites will have access to toilets, and shower facilities are available at Val Verde Park. Camping will take place at both sites and there will be water available at all times.

Schedule: The conference will officially start at about 1pm on Thursday 16th February, but it will be a soft start owing to all of the flights we are working with. It will officially end at about 1pm on Sunday 19th February, but this is also a soft ending.

What to pack: See our special Things to Bring page.

Contact: Closer to the time we will release phone numbers which you can call should you require things urgently. For now, if you have any further information, please contact