Q: I’m a little bit strapped for cash but really want to come, is there any help that I can get?
A: Yes, we have a financial assistance scheme and are willing on occasion to trade work / in-kind donations for discounts. Register using this form, tell us your needs and we’ll be in touch to discuss with you further.

We also accept donations to support this program here!  

Q: Do I have to pay when I register?
A: No, registration is simply an act of reserving a spot at the Campference for you. You can discuss your payment deadline with Suzanna after registration. Your spot at the Campference is not guaranteed until payment is received. Please note: all early bird registrants must pay their fees before 31st October otherwise they will be subject to the higher rate.

Q: Do you have group rates?
A: Yes we do, please contact suzanna@popupadventureplay.org to discuss the size of group and budget.

Q: What are the refund policies?
A: We can do a full refund (minus $50 admin fee) up to 2 months before the Campference. After that, full refunds cannot be issued and will be subject to further discussion.

Q: Do I need to bring my own camping gear?
A: Feel free to bring your own, but we’ll also have some sleeping bags and tents to borrow.  Flashlights, water bottles and towels not included! Suzanna will be in touch about camping equipment if you have taken this accommodation option.

Q: If I do camp, does that mean peeing in a hedge?
A: We will be camping on AP, the adventure playground at the Parish School. There will be indoor bathrooms available for you to use. We are also working on an outdoor shower situation for those who are brave. There are also security cameras on the school premises, so please do not pee in the hedges!

Q: The last Campference was a (cough) Real Wilderness Experience. Will there be cellphone reception at this Campference?
A: Yes, there will be cellphone reception, wifi and some school computers to use should you need that too. Oh, and there’s going to be plenty of charging points too, but we would recommend you bring a rechargeable power bank anyway, just in case.

Q: I have particular dietary needs.  Will you still feed me?
A: There is a section in the registration form that addresses this but if it is more specific, please email suzanna@popupadventureplay.org and we can talk through your needs in this area.

Q: So, I don’t know anyone else coming and am feeling a bit nervous about flying solo.  I know that’s not really a question…
A: Ugh, meeting new people can be so tough!  We are obviously biased, but please believe us that Campference truly attracts the absolute finest people you’ve ever met. Passionate, curious, brave, hilarious, helpful, hopeful people from all over the world gathered at Campference 2017 – nearly every one explicitly looking to make new friends.  Introduce yourself to us through social media before Campference, and we’ll greet you in person and help orient you on arrival.

Q: Are children welcome to the Campference?
A: Of course, we want your children to be able to come and enjoy the adventure playground for themselves!  Playworkers will be available so that you can participate in the conference sessions. However, please note that there is not a separate area or full-time childcare so your children will continue to be part of your Campference experience.

Q: Which airport should I fly into?
A: There are two options here – George Bush International Airport (IAH) or William P. Hobby Airport (HOU). They are roughly equidistant from the Campference site, and are served by different airlines.

Q: What are the options for getting from the airport to the Campference site?
A: Houston is a massive city designed with the expectation that you’re driving. There is a public transport route which will take 2.5 hours and bring you to a spot half an hour’s walk from the Campference site so we wouldn’t recommend that. Grabbing a taxi / Uber / Lyft might be the most flexible option. We are also going to give you folks a space on FB to arrange rideshares with other attendees.

Q: I know the schedule is still being compiled, but is there a rough guideline for when things start and end? I need to make travel arrangements.
A: The Campference will have a soft start from around 1pm on 15th February which will give some folks time to travel to Houston in the morning. We aim to finish around noon-1pm on 18th February. If your flights / travel arrangements end up coming in earlier or leaving later, you’re still welcome to come hang out, but we’ll be busy setting up / packing up.

Q: What do I need to pack?
A: We’ve made a special page to answer this question. Check it out here.

Q: IT’S CAMPFERENCE TIME!  Eeee, I’m so excited and want to know to help!
A:  YAY!  We’re excited too!  And a little wide-eyed too, because there is a lot to arrange. We would love your help with the following tasks.

Before Campference:
~ Please help spread the word about this by sharing links online, emailing friends and colleagues who may be interested, and being loudly enthusiastic about YOUR registration online
~ Please consider donating to or helping to promote our Travel Scholarship Fund, which helps amazing playworkers make the trip  

~ We will be looking for additional hands for a variety of tasks, such as food prep and site management.  If you are interested in helping out let us know 1) roughly how much time you’d like to give and 2) what level of responsibility you feel comfortable with

If you would like to contribute in another way, such as through video or written documentation of the event, please let us know!  We would love to hear your ideas.

We will be adding more Q&As over the next few months. If your query hasn’t been addressed here, just zip suzanna@popupadventureplay.org a quick email and we will find an answer to your question, personally.