ALI WOOD is co-author of “Reflective Playwork” and “Gender, Sex and Children’s Play”. With extensive experience across the field, Ali will be sharing stories and wisdom on: adventure playground sustainability, gender issues within playwork, play in schools, playwork and parenting, and professional development. Her approach is warm and knowledgeable, wry and collaborative. Currently working with Meriden Adventure Playground, Newman University, the Playwork Foundation and Play Wales, Ali is particularly interested in uncovering what youth and community work can learn from playwork, and how play and playwork can build community.

[ Read our interview with Ali here ]

Ali’s Keynote Teaser: What does Reflective Practice really mean for an adult who is around children playing, and wants to support them in doing so? This session will unpack and explore this by looking at the following questions and using real-life examples and stories.  It will be participative, provocative, enjoyable, challenging and encouraging!

Ali’s Workshop Teaser: Join Ali for a collaborate reflective workshop, prompted by her wealth of stories, scenarios, ideas and methods!


JILL WOOD is Head of both the Library and Adventure Playground at The Parish School, which caters to children with learning and language-based differences in Houston, TX.  In 2008, she founded AP.  She has studied playwork in the UK and US, and as Bayou City Play delivers loose parts play sessions and pop-up adventure playgrounds in local hospitals, parks and nature preserves.  Jill is passionate about supporting play for all children, and has developed a particularly thoughtful approach to inclusive playwork practice. You can read more from Jill in the interview we did with her for the last Campference.

[ Read our new interview with Jill here ]

Jill’s Keynote Teaser: Jill will speak about neurodiversity, playwork, and the delicate nature of supporting a breadth of play while maintaining a light touch. Adventure Play at The Parish School is the only US adventure playground based at a school serving children diagnosed with a range of neurological differences. Over the past eleven years, Jill and the Adventure Play team have developed new vocabulary and low intervention strategies that prolong play schemes while maintaining the integrity of the children’s intentions.

Jill’s Workshop Teaser: This session is especially for frontline practitioners curious to learn more about inclusive playwork theory and interventions.



Basic Useful Knots for Rigging with Yoni Kallai of play:ground NYC, New York, USA
Hands-on workshop to build confidence with ropes, and learn to tie a few very useful knots, from the Senior Playworker at the Land in NYC.

Un-Gardening: At Play in the Fields with Nikki Julien – Arizona, USA
Dispel the “perfect garden” myth with this Arizona-based practitioner, and get your hands dirty by playing with soil, flowers, and plants!

Choosing a Playwork Path: The only barrier is us with Lynne Rayner and Scott Norris of Blackmans Bay Children’s Services, Tasmania, Australia
Hear how a previously conservative organization in Tasmania has been turning the tide for play.

Taking Loose Parts on the Road with Tanya Moxley of TK Adventure Play, Nova Scotia, Canada
Learn ‘ins and outs’ of a mobile loose parts play business based in Halifax, Canada.

The Outdoor Play and Learning (OPAL) Project: Supporting great play in schools with Linda Naccarato of Earth Day Canada, Ontario, Canada
Hear all about the collaboration between OPAL and Earth Day Canada, championing play in 25 Toronto schools.

Deep Caring Listening as a Reflection Tool with Yoni Kallai of play:ground NYC, New York, USA
Reflection is easy to say and hard to do… learn new theories and practices to support one another, and children.

Building with the Lightest Touch with Wes Hamner of Adventure Play at The Parish School, Texas, USA
Practice and grow your basic building skills, for maximum structural integrity with minimum adult interference.

A play filled path: 38 years in the woods with Robert Vine of Earth Day Canada, Ontario, Canada
Stories spanning a 38 year career supporting play in daycares, schools, children’s centers and a hospital in Toronto.

Playwork in Early Learning and Child Care in Edmonton with Lauren Turner – Alberta, Canada
How do you incorporate playwork with early learning and childcare? By focusing on the role of the adult, and learning children’s cues, of course! Hear how this has been going in Edmonton, Canada.

Playworking at School with Alex Cote of Riverdale Country School, New York, USA
A full-time playworker at a New York City private school? Hear about their journey, including mistakes and reassurances for making changes in any setting.

Play and Playwork in a therapeutic setting with Laura Walsh of Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, UK
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children serves children with complex conditions. Learn how play fits within this context, and explore new theory as well as practical, experiential and somatic opportunities.

Fire, Knives and Civilization with Sol Hinami, Alex Enarson, Nicolette Stour, Kathleen Soler and Sarah Dugan of Fraternal Forest, Illinois, USA
Learn how to unleash wild creatures and new civilizations, with the team from a Wilderness School in urban Chicago.

A Pathway to Adventure Play in Pedatric Healthcare with Chris Sallans – Texas, USA
Are you looking to support play within a pediatric healthcare environment, or build stronger relationships with parents and professionals? This session will cover common health, safety and patient privacy issues discovered while bringing adventurous play opportunities into a hospital in Houston, Texas.

Our Path to Play : The Yard with Jenea Singleton, John McCann-Doyle, Jordan Mcleggan, Sergio M. Arif, Yoni Kallai, Ginny Jennings and Kira Di Betta of play:ground NYC, New York, USA
You’ve heard of The Yard (formerly play:ground NYC) – now is your chance to hear their triumphs and obstacles, and their perspective on how issues such as economic status, race, and gender impact play and playwork.

Troubling the Play Frame with Chris Martin – Exeter, UK
Get your updates on play frame theory right here from a UK-based academic and practitioner, including a more holistic and sustainable perspective on the impact and power of elements that are often missed.

Responsive Playwork with Kelsey Langley of KOOP Adventure Play, Illinois, USA
Take another look at play cues and returns through stories of practice, and build a more nuanced portfolio of interventions and responses.  

Children At Play Network with Rachel Brunner, Carolyn Water, Dustin Pickett, Zach Bramel and Jessica Forst of Children at Play Network, Kentucky, USA
Photographs and stories highlight events held around Louisville and the Bernheim Forest and Arboretum in Louisville, Kentucky, including their forest kindergarten and pop-up events.

Play as an Educational Tool for all Ages with with Jose Antonio Lopez, Guatemala
Play is for adults too!  This workshop includes games, as well as stories from bringing play opportunities to undergraduate Business students in Guatemala City.

Mobile Digital Technologies in Play with Chris Martin – Exeter, UK
This session shares recent fieldwork on the impact of cell phone technology on childhood, opening common questions up for debate

Self Assembled: Cardboard, Adventure Playgrounds of Japan, and playing in the spaces in between with Amber Dohrenwend – Japan
Amber will share insights about working with cardboard, talk about her interaction with the adventure play community in Tokyo, and some of the unique aspects of Japanese Adventure Playgrounds.

The Risk Study with Morgan Leichter-Saxby of Pop-Up Adventure Play, Vermont, USA and Jill Wood of Adventure Play at The Parish School, Texas, USA
Visit the two playgrounds compared in our 2018 study of comparative risk. Hear details about that study, and brainstorm ways you can use its findings to support your work.

The Pop-Up Adventure Playground Model with Morgan Leichter-Saxby and Suzanna Law of Pop-Up Adventure Play – Vermont, USA / Manchester, UK
Hear about the development of pop-up adventure playground model: how it began, where its origins are and why we continue to offer it up as a free model for everyone.

The Playworking Parent – A panel of playworker-parents
Panelists: Jeremiah Dockray and Erica Larsen of Santa Clarita Adventure Play Foundation, CA, USA and Naomi Sukenik CA, USA
They’ll share experiences from their own lives, and strategies to engage parents of children onsite.

There will be more speakers and workshop snapshots to come – keep an eye on this page for more! Any questions, just email