• As the Campference will mostly be on an adventure playground, we would advise everyone to wear suitable footwear for wandering around a space which is uneven and could potentially have sharp objects on the ground. You may want to select footwear that is waterproof (maybe rain boots?) in case it rains because the site can get slushy.
  • You will also need a coat in the evening as it may get chilly. This could also be a waterproof coat in case of showers.
  • We ask too that you bring your own refillable bottles / drinking receptacle for water so we can reduce the amount of waste we produce on site. No need to bring mess tins and such – we will be acquiring our own recyclable food eating tools.
  • If you have business cards, bring those along – this will be a great networking opportunity
  • There will be some resources for sale and maybe a raffle – please bring a little cash if you want to be involved in those activities.


  • Though it won’t be the season for it, those of us who are prone to bites might want to consider bringing insect repellent to Campference as a lot of our program will be outside. We will have some available too, but if you have specific needs in this area, you may want to bring your own.
  • The weather will be mild in Houston in February giving us ample opportunity to be outside. For those of you who are a little more sensitive to the sun, you might want to bring some sun screen and maybe a hat.
  • For those of you who might want a bit of a screen break during Campference, this could be an opportunity for you to bust out your camera. There will be lots of opportunities to take photos of the adventure playground, so use the time wisely!



Please consider also bringing the following to improve your camping experience:

  • the sleeping bag and/or tent that you said that you would bring (if you indicated that you couldn’t bring one/both, we will have your stuff ready when you arrive)
  • there’s going to be bathrooms available to use so bring your wash kit (toothbrush / toothpaste etc) so you can have a fresh start to your day.
  • a towel as we won’t be able to provide those
  • a pack of wet wipes if you don’t want to brave our temporary shower
  • a flashlight for night time vision
  • spare power banks which you can charge during the day in the school and then use at night

Are You Ready packing image