All children need to play, and community takes many forms. Our mission at Pop-Ups is to help people connect – with resources, new ideas, and one another – and we can’t wait for the upcoming Campference with Bayou City Play. These events offer powerful opportunities for playworkers to broaden and deepen the community of adventure playground advocates and professionals.

For far too long though, lots of folks have been missing from this conversation. This field, much as we love it (and we do!) is disturbingly homogeneous. This majority representation of white, middle-class, able-bodied, minority world, neurotypical cisgendered women comes from a legacy of violence and oppression. It’s long overdue for redress. At this conference, we want to more fully represent the diversity of those who work with children, and reach a wider range of children and families by shining light on the many ‘faces’ of playwork around the world.  

To do this, we need YOUR help.


Applications from individuals and organizations of historically underrepresented groups or regions will be prioritized.  You do not have to present about your minority status, but can present on anything you want. If you are interested but want to chat about topics or anything else, please get in touch.


If you are a member of a historically underrepresented group and want to attend, please reach out to us!  We will work with you to overcome any barrier to participation, as far as we can. This process will be kept entirely confidential.


As ever, we are doing all this without corporate sponsorship or foundation support, and cash gets tight.  If you want to support this change, we’ve started a fund to help cover conference fees and travel costs. Whatever you can give means the world.

If you’re attending, can you offer rideshares to and from the airport?  Does your home or AirBnB have an extra rooms or sofa for a non-camper?

You can contribute to a scholarship program here, and every penny will be used to help someone attend the this event who otherwise would not be able to.  


We want to help to make this Campference accessible and possible for everyone, so let’s work together to make it happen.

With love,

Pop-Up Adventure Play and Bayou City Play

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