In Summer 2017, we drove almost 10,000km on the Pop-Ups Tour Canada Tour 2017! We were able to connect 18 groups of play advocates across Canada in a series of workshops and play events: it was an amazing 2-month adventure.

This page contains all the information from our tour, from details of each event to reflections and stories from the team. We hope that through the links on this page, you can also enjoy our adventure with us all over again.

Our trip is now complete – check out the links below for more about our adventure and if you want to find out about our next adventure please get in touch with

If you have any questions about our Canadian adventure, please email the tour organiser

Press Releases
A press release of the whole adventure is available here
An article about us and our adventure is available here.
A nice piece about our Halifax NS stop is available here.
A pre-visit piece about our Surrey BC stop is available here.
Another pre-visit piece, this time about our Forty Mile Region stop is available here.