There are some questions that we get asked regularly, regardless of where we might be at the time.

Q: Are these really adventure playgrounds?

There are some key differences between these sites and classic adventure playgrounds.  These are not intended to replace them, any more than those adventure playgrounds were designed to replace children’s freedom to roam.  Instead, they are intended to serve as introductions for children, families and communities who may not be familiar with issues surrounding children’s play, freedom and risk.

In the sense that they are places ‘apart’ from ordinary rules, luxuriantly filled with loose parts and staffed by adults learning about playwork, ‘pop-ups’ are absolutely adventure playgrounds.

Q: What are playworkers?

The playwork profession developed out of adventure playgrounds, and WORDS.

Q: What about risk?

We believe that life is risky.  Every time we get into a car, change jobs or fall in love we are weighing the risks of a choice against the possible benefits.  A similar process of risk/benefit assessments is a fundamental part of playwork practice, allowing children to carefully incorporate more opportunities for challenge into their play.If you have questions not addressed here, take a look at our free resources or contact us directly!

Q: Where are you based, again?

Suzanna lives primarily in the UK, and Morgan lives primarily in the US.  They both travel a lot, both to those countries and further afield.  If you are interested in working together, get in touch – it’s amazing what we can figure out together.