“I so loved writing this assignment and appreciate being part of this class. I cannot tell you how inspiring this has all been, having a chance to read, reflect and knowing I am a part of something bigger. I feel like I’m riding one of those water slides that has a speed boost and your class is the boost.”
~ Jill, Houston, Texas, USA

“It never occurred to me play is so ancient, and it actually has people doing research on it…  I am enjoying the readings, but most of all, I am enjoying taking a course of something I am passionate about.”
~ Maria, Mexico City, Mexico

“This course is very complete, I want to congratulate the team for your hard work and for the happiness you transmit… I have enjoyed so much this course. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”
~ Maria, Barranquilla, Colombia

“This shared experience has provided such a strong framework for program development on so many levels and for personal/professional development for each of us.  The play sessions at HONAZ already feel different.  There is a confidence and sense of “knowing” and at the same time an intention to leave lots of space for “not knowing” and letting the great and delightful mysteries of children at play unfold.  That just feels so good.”
~ Elizabeth, Cornell University/HONAZ, Ithaca, NY, USA

“…feedback was not only detailed and comprehensive but also made my day”
~ Enery, Puerto Rico

“This course has changed my, my son’s and my family’s lives. I am now able to see childhood from another perspective. I’ve been able to recognize the importance of play in children for it’s own sake and for the additional values it will bring to them as adults.”
~ Mariana, Costa Rica

“This course was an incredible gift for my personal life and for my profession. I gained so much knowledge from the readings, observations, personal reflections and reflections that my tutor helped me to discover from her wonderful feedbacks. I developed a huge amount of respect for the children and their play. I also understood the POWER of both.”
~ Erika, Costa Rica

“I absolutely love the course. Can’t wait to dive right in to each assignment…. I decided to try the course because it was different than anything else I had seen offered. It has strengthened the knowledge I already had about play and has helped me to be able to put it into practice.”
~ Chelsey, MN, USA

“I like how this course allows me to become more free in my interactions with children–both mine and other people’s. It’s like I’m getting rid of a lot of adult prejudice toward children… It’s a pretty spiritual experience.”
~ Yulia, IL, USA

“I have been working in the early childhood field for many years, finding pop up renewed my passion and cured a serious case of burn out. Thank you!”
~ Educator, based in the USA

“….this course was highly transformative, and I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to take on this new lens and scope of practice that will continue to influence the ways I work, play, and live for years to come.”
~ Megan, Montreal, Canada