This course is made up of 12 modules, which students can either take as part of a cohort (sharing a start date and deadlines with others) or in their own time.  Each module includes Key Readings and Assignments, and every student is assigned a Course Tutor.  The modules are:

1.   The Essential Qualities of a Playworker
2.   Children’s Right to Play in a Global Context
3.   Environments for Play, Play Types and Loose Parts
4.   Play Processes: Cues, Frames and Responses
5.   Play-based Approaches to Challenging Behaviour
6.   Inclusivity and Accessibility in Practice
7.   Play Therapy and Therapeutic Playwork
8.   Adventure, Narratives and Deep Dark Play
9.   Risk/Benefit Assessments: Discussing Challenge, Safety and Hazards
10. Reflection and Team Practice
11. Supporting Play in Families, Schools and Beyond
12. Advocacy in Action and the Pop-Up Adventure Playground Model

We ask for an absolute minimum of 3 hours commitment per module.  This course is designed to provide you with on-going prompts for observation, reflection and development, so it’s a case of getting out what you’re putting in!